The Insurance Plan pays for many of the services patients recieve from their doctor. However, a number of services are not covered by the government plan. These are uninsured services. some are billed to lawyers, government agencies or others. Some are billed to the patient.

The patient of a third party such as your employer, insurance company or school may request a letter, report, form, etc., from your physician. in addition to office materials, these services require time and expertise of your doctor and staff. As a result, you or the third party will be billed a fee to cover these costs.

In general, the service requested will not be provided until payment is recieved in full, whether that be cash, cheque, debit or credit card. Inquires can be directed to the front desk.

Note: Fees subject to change without notice

Appointment Fees

(Includes Invalid AHC & Late arrival & No Shows)

  • Regular appointment – $50
  • Introductory/Procedure – $100
  • Complete physical – $150
  • Specialty staff including PCN Pharmacist, PCN Geriatric Nurse, PCN Behavioral Consultant, AHS Chronic Disease Management Nurse, AHS Dietician – $25

Uninsured Forms or Letters

  • Private letters/forms – $50 MINIMUM
    (Sick notes, Written referral to non physician for insurance purposes, Certificate of fitness)
  • Pregnancy Leave and Employment Insurance – $75
    Fees based on time/complexity

Transfer of Records to another medical Provider as Requested by the Patient

  • Minimum $50/chart, additional fee based on time and complexity of request

Uninsured Motor Vehicle Related Forms

  • Driver’s Medical for those
  • Uninsured vaccinations and injections (for example Twinrix, Havrix) – $30 per injection
  • Travel Vaccination Counselling – $75 Prepayment
    Referral to Travel Medicine Clinic Recommended
    Will be seen at Salveo ONLY in Emergency Situations
    Does NOT include injections
  • Liquid nitrogen to non-plantar warts or skin lesions (Those not covered by AHS) – $55

Telephone Prescription Uninsured Service

  • Telephone Prescription Refills – $60
  • Advice by phone – $105 per 15 minutes

This list is not all inclusive.

All fees are subject to change at anytime without notice.

These fees are based on the Alberta Medical Association Guidelines.